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You Rescue Me Profile: Lola Proves To Be One-Of-A-Kind

This is a profile from our “You Rescue Me” contest, which ran in early 2014: Lisa’s entry on behalf of Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter.

Bringing Lola home almost seven years ago was filled with mixed emotions, excitement and sadness. Excitement because of my love for animals which I had never been without. Sadness because eight months before bringing Lola home I had to face the decision of putting my 14-year-old Sheltie Goldie down.

Knowing I could never replace Goldie I needed to fill this huge void, and start mending my heart which was so sadly aching. In the beginning I tried comparing Lola to Goldie and it made me become distant from her. As time went on Lola developed her own unique personality which I came to accept and grew to love her unconditionally. Lola rescued me in many ways with her loyalty and most importantly her smartness. Lola won my Heart!

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