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Multiply Your Impact by Donating to ADR on North Texas Giving Day

Your donation today can save the lives of countless dogs in North Texas. American Dog Rescue has made it its mission to find a home for every dog. The organization has saved 30,000 dogs in the past decade, a number that increases every month.

american_dog_rescueOur commitment to saving our four-legged friends extends to the men and women who serve this great nation. Our funding has successfully matched homeless and underserved dogs who have become successful service animals for US veterans returning home for their missions. We are committed to helping North Texas do the same.

These family pets have made homecomings that much more special for those who have suffered the ravages of war and the return to normal family life.

Make it your mission to contribute today.

Your support will help finance and foster a dog and match them with their forever home in North Texas. Our annual sponsorship of service dogs for vets is just one of many programs we support. We plan to use part of the funds raised to support a local, North Texas military family.


US Marine Corp MSGT Simon Phillips and his service dog; Guinness. Guinness was a shelter rescue dog who recently went through the necessary training to become Phillips’ service dog.

Supporting our mission of “No Dog Without A Home” is a great way to help dogs any day of the year, but there’s an even better reason to donate to ADR on this one special day: Every gift made through today helps our chances of winning prizes given throughout the day ranging from $500 to $5,000!

With more than 70 total prizes being awarded throughout the day, our chances to maximize your gift are great! Just imagine what more we could accomplish for dogs with an extra $5,000 (or even $500 for that matter). Countless surgeries. Urgent vet care. Spay/neuter services. Perhaps even another full puppy mill bust, saving another 200 dogs!

Make your gift today by clicking here.

Please spread the word to all your dog-loving friends—with your help, we WILL reach our $100,000 fundraising goal on North Texas Giving Day!

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