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Israel Cancer Association Appoints Arthur Benjamin As Honorary Chairman Of Fundraising Gala

Raising awareness and funding for cancer research is an important, ongoing mission of the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation. Founder Arthur E. Benjamin was honored at the Israel Cancer Association’s “A Paradise in the Desert” annual fundraising gala, February 5, as the event’s honorary chairman.

Mr. Benjamin lost his late wife, Gail, to breast cancer and personally knows the difference his participation and donations make sponsoring research projects that yield breakthroughs and save countless lives. He commented, “the same organization that yielded the inoculation against the human papaloma virus can make the next breakthrough possible and I am privileged to support ICA in my late wife’s memory.”

The Israel Cancer Association USA (ICA USA), a nonprofit organization established in Palm Beach in 1994 helps fund cancer research fellowship grants for distinguished Israeli scientists. Every dollar raised by the charity goes directly to the scientist doing the research – not to their institution, nor for overhead.

This year’s event was held at The Breakers in Palm Beach, where local and national philanthropists, cancer survivors and researchers gathered to support the Associations’ annual donation drive.

“As someone who’s lost those near and dear to me to cancer, I’m always honored to support organizations like the Israel Cancer Association,” Benjamin said. “Research is so key to one day finding a cure for this terrible disease affecting so many.”

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