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American Dog Rescue Chosen as Run Long and Perspire’s Official Charity for Upcoming Event: Escape From Azkaban 25k

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]American Dog Rescue is excited to announce that we will be the official event charity for Run Long and Perspire’s third event of 2016: Escape From Azkaban 25k. We are grateful that 100% of the proceeds from this race will go towards our efforts in rescuing dogs from all over the world! Inspired by the Harry Potter series, this is a “virtual race” that anybody can participate in on their own time. On its face, running 25k may sound challenging, but we’ve made some changes to the typical race format so you’ll have the opportunity to run your 25k on your own terms, one segment at a time.

For registered participants, the challenge will take place during 4 weeks, from June 13th until July 10th and is as follows:

– During the FIRST week (June 13th-19th): run 5K. You’re out of your Azkaban cell!

– During the SECOND week (June 20th-26th): run 5K. You’re out of the prison!

– During the THIRD week (June 27th-July 3rd): run 5K. You’ve swam across the sea and reached the shore! You think you’ve done the worst part and that you’re pretty much safe…but suddenly you notice that a hoard of Dementors are coming after you! We know you’ve come a long way and that you’re tired, but this is the final straight! Don’t let them catch you!

– During the FOURTH week (July 3rd-10th): run 10K. Congratulations, you’ve escaped Azkaban without losing your soul!

Every participant who completes the challenge will receive a personalized bib, Harry Potter medal and even be entered to win a Sirius Black prize package.

This is a fun and fit opportunity to get in shape on your own time while helping us help dogs. Will you join us in escaping from Azkaban?

To register for the challenge, go to

Be sure to check out the event’s Facebook page at:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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