Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Animal Rights Advocate
Committee Member Arthur E. Benjamin Spotlighted by APSCU for Animal Advocacy Efforts

Long a proponent of both animal rights and the many benefits of higher education, Arthur E. Benjamin recently had the honor of being featured in the APSCU’s (Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities) monthly newsletter.

As a member of the APSCU’s PAC (Political Action Committee), Arthur was chosen as a profile subject based on his deep love for and commitment to animals in need. The newsletter article primarily highlighted Arthur’s recent trip to Canada to visit baby harp seals and bring awareness to the urgent need to end the seal hunt.

“I feel fortunate to be involved in so many critical and contribution-oriented efforts and the organizations advancing them, its all a part of helping people and pets, my life mission.” Arthur said. “I truly appreciate APSCU providing this additional opportunity to spread the word about important animal issues.”


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