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American Dog Rescue Provides Some ‘Hope At Home’

DALLAS, TX (October 29, 2009) – Sara Shepperd, Executive Director of North Dallas Dog Rescue, thanked Marcia Custer, Associate Director of American Dog Rescue, for funding the remaining balance for the treatment of "Hope."

""Hope" was an abused, neglected and abandoned dog – without a caring family and left to walk a neighborhood alone – until a group of kind neighbors in McKinney, TX decided to take action and bring the animal to North Dallas Dog Rescue. Vets said she has one of the worst cases of demodectic (non-contagious) mange they had ever seen. Her outlook is favorable for recovery with three to four months of medical attention. Thus far, her vet care has helped heal her bleeding sores and scabs, and while she still has hairless spots, her gorgeous black, shiny fur is beginning to grow on the sides. She is looking better and better, according to her caregivers.

"American Dog Rescue was our founding donor and continues to assist us with cases like Hope," said Shepperd. "We at North Dallas Dog Rescue believe that every dog in North Dallas deserves good health and a happy home and we will continue to house and care for them until they are permanently adopted."

North Dallas Dog Rescue rescues abandoned dogs from local shelters and matches them with loving families and permanent homes in Dallas, North Texas and beyond. Donations can be made to them through American Dog Rescue, a national 501(c)3 set up to support "No Healthy Dog Without A Home." To donate to NDDR or other affiliated rescues go to

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