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American Dog Rescue Helps Sophia Live The Rest Of Her Life Comfortably

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her sweet face, but Sophia has had a rough life. As a black Pit Bull, she faced the longest odds of being permanently adopted and therefore spent most of her days in various animal shelters.

She currently lives in a foster situation with other senior dogs, but recently needed some additional medical care after being diagnosed with an intestinal disorder. American Dog Rescue was proud to chip in and help this sweet girl live in comfort for the rest of her life, expected to be a maximum of only six more months (she’s 14 years old).

This is just one example of the thousands of dogs we’ve helped through partners like, in this case, St. Martin’s Animal Foundation. If you’d like to join us in saving and enriching the lives of companion animals please visit our donations page to make a one-time or recurring monthly contribution. Together we can end the suffering of these animals and accomplish our mission of “No Dog Without A Home.”

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