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American Dog Rescue, Benjamin Fund Second PAWS2HELP Clinic in Palm Beach County

Jupiter, FL – July 21, 2014 – PAWS2HELP, a privately-run, not-for-profit veterinary clinic which has struggled to add locations since its establishment will soon open its second facility in Jupiter.  The original PAWS2HELP location was founded in West Palm Beach by Eve Van Engel nearly 20 years ago as a means to provide high-quality, low-cost care for animals in need.  After a number of temporary locations, the organization, which has outgrown a 12,500 sq. ft. facility at 2061 Indian Road, West Palm Beach, will soon start seeing “patients” at its new Jupiter facility in the Seagrape Plaza, E. Indian Town Road.

“Thanks to the efforts of long-time PAWS2HELP supporter and nationally recognized animal advocate, Arthur Benjamin, we are able to open this second facility and continue to provide affordable care to anyone with an animal in need,” said Ms. Van Engel. “Arthur, who has provided financial support for our organization without recognition, needs to be acknowledged for his efforts in helping get this new facility off the ground and creating awareness of the need for such clinics not only in South Florida but nationwide and to that end he is interested in helping establish a third clinic in the very near future.”

Benjamin, a noted philanthropist, is the founder of American Dog Rescue, which provides homes for abandoned pets, bringing home our canine heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan, saving and expanding animal shelters, closing down puppy mills and other activities with the best interests of animals in mind.

Like the West Palm facility, the new Jupiter PAWS2HELP location will provide a full suite of veterinary services at highly reduced prices.  For example, a surgery that might cost $3,000 at a private veterinary facility would cost approximately one-thousand at PAWS 2 HELP. It’s like treating three pets for the price of one.

“Clearly our goal is not to compete with private veterinary practices,” stressed Ms. Van Engel. “Statistics show that 90 percent of the people who use a vet, love their vet and the convenience of location and special treatment they receive.  Visitors to PAWS2HELP need to understand they will most likely be in a crowded waiting room with a number of people and their sick pets. However, the quality of care is exceptional and the cost savings significant. Both services are needed and it provides the public, especially those who are financially challenged, a choice.”

As a grand opening promotion, subsidized by Arthur Benjamin, during the month of August the facility will spay or neuter 8 large dogs (weighing more than 100 lbs) for just $25 (this includes a 3 year rabies shot, microchip and deworming). Such a procedure can often cost as much as $400.

Until fully staffed, the Jupiter Clinic will be open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday through Monday for general clinics and all day Tuesday through Thursday for spay neuter procedures.  Additional hours will be announced in the upcoming weeks.  For additional information and to make an appointment, go to

Donations can also be made at the site to further the work of the PAWS2HELP and to help open future clinics. The PAWS2HELP motto and mantra is 100% for the animals – not for profit!

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