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ADRF Launches “America’s Best Tails” Contest to Help Fund Animal Charities

American Dog Rescue Foundation is launching “America’s Best Tails” on For the Love of Dogs TV this October. The competition’s purpose is to raise money for 501(c)3 animal rescue organizations in Texas. Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of ADRF, urges all animal lovers to submit their stories about animals who have had a profound effect on them, or they on the animal. If selected for broadcast, entrants can earn prize money up to $5,000 to be donated to their favorite rescue organization. Submissions close at midnight on September 19, 2012.

“For the Love of Dogs TV has highlighted the incredible work that Texas rescue organizations and advocacy groups have done in saving thousands of animals across the state,” said Benjamin. “Introducing America’s Best Tails felt like the natural next step for me. I am passionate about animal welfare, so to be able to give back to the rescue organizations through the prize money we will distribute each week is central to my mission at American Dog Rescue Foundation. I encourage everyone who loves animals to submit their story – their entry could save the lives of countless animals.”

Click here to read more about the competition.

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