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100-Pound Boxer throws his bone in the political ring. “Tex” holds roundtable discussion with both dogs and cats to announce his campaign for “Salt Lake County K9 Mayor”– America’s best tail.

Tex greets one of his feline supporters.

Salt Lake City, UT— In response to Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams’ call for a special K9 Mayor election, and with strong bi-partisan backing from Utah’s top political leaders, wide support from local and national animal rights groups, and the help of many cats and dogs, “Tex” has launched his “caninedacy” for Salt Lake County K9 Mayor.

At a roundtable discussion today at the Salt Lake County Government Center, with his closest four legged advisors present, Tex and some of his fellow dogs and cats talked about the importance of this election, strategized on how to win. These dogs (and one cat) gave a tail wagging approval. They demonstrated their excitement by panting their approval of Tex’s furry friendly platform:

– Increase the adoption of dogs and cats & spay/neuter
– A service dog for every disabled veteran
– Bringing our military K9 heroes home
– Helping all public servants to learn to communicate with big dogs like him

In this time of national political mud-slinging and partisan bickering, Tex is doing it the Utah way, by demonstrating he is not a dogmatic leader.  No bones about it, this is an impressive list of political supporters including: Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser (R), Utah Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis (D), Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart (R), Utah House Minority Leader Jen Seelig (D) and Utah Democratic Party Chair and former SL County Mayor Peter Corroon and Utah Eagle Forum Leader Gayle Ruzicka, former Utah Republican Party Chair and US Senate Candidate Joe Cannon and former Utah Democratic Chair and Clinton White House aide Donald Dunn. 

“We are happy to support Texas for K9 Mayor of Salt Lake County. Texas will bring together people, dogs and cats to support this important charity and to raise money for the injured animals of Salt Lake County” said Senators Niederhauser and Davis in a joint statement.

Tex’s story is America’s best tail. He is an adopted rescue dog who has spent his life in Salt Lake County helping promote and advocate for the humane treatment of animals.  With the loving support of his guardians Arthur E. Benjamin, founder of the American Dog Rescue Foundation, and Sundays Hunt, Humane Society of the United States Utah State Director, Tex is proud to be running for office. When he is not running for office, Texas is a service dog in training.

Through his campaign, Texas is committed to raising money for Salt Lake County’s injured animal fund.  

Individuals can cast their vote for Tex4Mayor by visiting With each vote cast, individuals are encouraged to donate $1, which will be donated directly to the Salt Lake County Animal Services Injured Animal Fund. Voting opened October 1 and concludes October 21, with the top dog serving a 2 year term.

Tex is proud to have the support of dozens of Utah and National Animal Rights groups including:

– Humane Society Utah and Humane Society of the US
– Best Friends Animal Society
– American Dog Rescue and rescues from Florida to Texas, Afghanistan, Thailand, and Dubai
– paws4vets and paws4people

Texas will be campaigning like a dog all over the county…..meeting voters and supporters and asking them for their support.


American Dog Rescue Foundation ( is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to finding a home for every adoptable dog in the United States. American Dog Rescue places healthy dogs in permanent homes that are the right fit for the animal and its family. More information can be found at  or by calling 888-926-0815. 

The Salt Lake County Animal Services Injured Animal Fund is specifically restricted for use in helping to provide Emergency Medical Care and Attention to seriously ill or injured animals who could not otherwise become adoptable. This can range from broken bones to amputations and everything in between. It is our hope that this fund will expand so many other animals with expensive and painful injuries may be helped in the future. Every animal that comes in to their care at the shelter is treated as an individual. Every animal is special.

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