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Katrina Effort That Saves 2000 Animals Stimulated by Five Pound Poodle

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Sep 5, 2005) The Gail L. & Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation underwrote a project by a team from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to go into New Orleans’ hurricane riddled area this week in an effort to save as many animals as possible while attempting to find a girlfriend for “Buddy”, a companion animal who lost his charge to her three year breast cancer fight. Buddy’s search was featured in a number of stories on the web which helped raise money to supplement the Foundation’s donation. The effort saved 2000 animals who were placed across the country from the south to the midwest and the northwest. While the effort didn’t land Buddy a mate, he got one from the Salt Lake area; a six pound white poodle name Holly. “It’s the perfect match”, Benjamin said. “Buddy, a seizure companion animal, now has a little girlfriend who happens to be epileptic, who he can love and care for, and they are now known as “BuddyHolly”. Best Friends announced a “coffee-table photo viewbook” that documents the effort of the Best Friends team.

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