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Benjamin Among Panel Offering Opening Remarks For Governor Crist Fundraiser

FORT LAUDERDALE – Arthur Benjamin, Vice Chairman and CEO of ATI Schools and Colleges, offered the opening remarks during a Florida Governor Charlie Crist fundraiser at the Riverside Hotel. Crist is running for U.S. Senate and met with educators from the South Florida region as part of his ongoing fundraising efforts.

“Charlie has taken the time to ask important questions and engage the education community, specifically those of us empowering non-traditional students and those seeking rapid entry into today’s workforce,” said Benjamin. “While I have ties with both side of the political aisle, I am confident my endorsement of Crist’s efforts – both past and present – will continue to serve the career education industry and ultimately the public we serve.”

Benjamin is a member of the host committee of the Florida Families For Governor Crist for U.S. Senate. ( 

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