Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Animal Rights Advocate
Arthur E. Benjamin Selected to Global Entrepreneurship Delegation; Serves US & Indonesia at Jakarta & Bali Conferences

DELRAY BEACH, FL (June 24, 2011) – Nationally respected executive and philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin, was named one of 13 leading American entrepreneurs and early-stage investors, that comprise the Global Entrepreneurship Delegation. Announced by the U.S. Embassy, the Entrepreneurship Delegation will be hosted by the Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI), featuring Benjamin speaking on his seasoned expertise in various entrepreneurial initiatives. The team will visit Indonesia July 19-24, 2011.

Among a panel of esteemed peers and elite professionals, Benjamin was chosen for his serial entrepreneurship and experienced investor strategies. His area of expertise will focus on the media and education industries.

“It’s a true honor to be a part of such a qualified group of individuals,” said Benjamin. “Each member of this delegation brings a unique quality of expertise to the arena, and I strongly believe through our joint efforts we can contribute valuable information and resources to the GEPI attendees. Entrepreneurship and business development are keys to successful nations, and strengthening the communication and business efforts between the U.S. and Indonesia can only prove mutually beneficial for both countries. It’s rewarding to know that my years of experience in building successful businesses and philanthropic organizations has culminated to serve a purpose greater than myself – it serves my country and its future.”

Qualifications that Influence a Nation

Benjamin has maintained the roles as Chairman of ATI Enterprises, Inc., Vice Chairman of the American Institute, Founder & President of The Butterfly Effect Foundation and American Dog Rescue Foundation, Founder & President (currently) of three equity investment companies, and Board Member for nine non-profit charities and two industry associations.

Benjamin’s life commitment is to achieve “Better Lives for People and Pets” though partnerships, companies and charitable works. He has had many, now famous, mentors and now serves many others in this same capacity. Benjamin has three decades of experience in marketing, operations, and corporate management.

Prior to joining DataMark in 1993, his employment history included executive management and sales at CBS, Group W, Major Market Television and Connecticut Public Broadcasting, and two college groups. Benjamin grew DataMark, from 1994 – 2004 as its Chairman & CEO, from a small ad agency to the nation’s largest comprehensive communications company exclusively for colleges and schools. He was, later, also Executive Vice President of its public parent company, eCollege.

Following, Benjamin expanded ATI, a nationally-accredited group of private postsecondary schools and colleges, as its President & CEO to twenty-four campuses and a small online division in five states, supporting 3,000 employees and their families and more than 18,000 students. In early 2011, Benjamin and his new venture investment group acquired the majority of Results Weight Loss, Inc., a group of 20 Florida diet centers, for which he now serves as Chairman & CEO. This new foray into direct health care expands his personal lifetime mission and gives it a new dimension.

Most remarkably, during the past five years, he has also created two substantial charitable foundations, most recently American Dog Rescue (ADR), and also The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation. Both foundations were instrumental in relief for humans and animals alike in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, as well as in a number of initiatives nationwide and worldwide to benefit people and animals. As of recent ADR has launched an initiative to raise funds for the animal rescue efforts in Joplin, MO.

Additionally, The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation was created to assist the building and growth of other foundations through leadership, management, marketing, and public relations. The Foundation’s core focus is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and animals, support young adults through educational efforts, and aid women in breast cancer recovery.

Benjamin graduated from Clark University and completed advanced coursework at Burklyn Business School. He also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Management from Colorado Technical University. Benjamin is a former Commissioner of the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and former chair of several organizations including the Utah Central Region Workforce Council, The Living Planet Aquarium, and Women Beyond Cancer. He is also a former board member of  the Utah’s Workforce Investment Board, the American Heart Association and the L.A. Film School Foundation, as well as a former trustee of the Career College Foundation (AKA Imagine America Foundation). He currently serves as a board member of Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust, American Institute, Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County, the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools (FAPSC) and the Association of Private Schools Colleges & Universities (APSCU).

Inspiration for Entrepreneurship

Benjamin believes that, in George Bernard Shaw’s words, “life is no brief candle but sort of a splendid torch that we’ve got hold of for the moment,” and he’s committed to making it burn as brightly as he can, while its in his care, before passing it on to future generations.

“Participation in the GEP is a privileged opportunity that allows me to add a little more fuel to the flame for our future generations. I take on this responsibility with great pride and dedication to sharing my knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs to ensure the development of our country and our neighboring countries,” said Benjamin.

Goals of the Delegation

The Entrepreneurship Delegation will enhance U.S. and Indonesian efforts to promote entrepreneurship and strengthen business ties under the Comprehensive Partnership. Improving trade and investment is one of the six pillars of the Comprehensive Partnership. GEP is the cornerstone for implementation of the Obama Administration’s new foreign policy initiative to help spur entrepreneurship in many emerging market countries, particularly beginning with Muslim majority countries.

Participating Delegates underwrite their own travel expenses. The key activity of the Delegation is to meet with the best start-ups and entrepreneurs in the country and, by meeting with a variety of other local partners, gain as good a sense of the state of entrepreneurship development in the country as possible. The primary goals of the Entrepreneurship Delegation are: mentor entrepreneurs, establish networks between local entrepreneurs and American startup and venture investing firms, and bolster the development of entrepreneurship initiatives in emerging markets, including support for GEP activities.

The centerpiece of the Delegation’s visit will be a “Showcase of Indonesia’s Entrepreneurs” during which 32 Indonesian start-ups will present business plans to the Delegation. Start ups selected will make presentations to the Entrepreneurship Delegation. The Showcase finale and announcement of winners will take place in Bali on July 22 – during which Hilary Clinton will be featured as the Keynote Speaker. The finale will also kick off the Indonesian-led Regional Entrepreneurship Summit (RES) hosted by the Indonesian Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu.

About Arthur E. Benjamin

Executive and philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin has been dedicating himself to youth, education and animal rights activism for the past decade. His foundation, The Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation, was created to assist the building and growth of other foundations through leadership, management, marketing, and public relations. The Foundation’s core focus is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and animals, support young adults through educational efforts, and aid women in breast cancer recovery. In 2010, Benjamin expanded his efforts by founding American Dog Rescue, a national nonprofit dedicated to animal welfare and protection. He also sits on numerous boards and advisory committees in national and regional organizations. From Dallas to Utah, Florida and beyond, he has attained the reputation for making a difference in the lives of people and animals everywhere.

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