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Arthur E. Benjamin and American Dog Rescue assist in Houston County Animal Abandonment Case

DALLAS, TX (June 24, 2011) –Executive and philanthropist Arthur E. Benjamin and American Dog Rescue (ADR), joined forces with Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) and the Houston County Sherriff’s Office to rescue 80 dogs from a 17-acre property about three hours southeast of Dallas. The sheriff’s office assumed control of the animals and custody has been awarded to ARC.

ACR and American Dog Rescue on site

The much needed rescue was supported greatly and made possible by ADR, resulting in the animals being pulled from vicious conditions such as temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, no access to clean water, and extreme flea infestation.

“It’s devastating to know that animals were forced to cling to life in these unbearable conditions,” said Benjamin. “Once notified of the situation, I immediately activated the support of ADR to ensure that ARC and the Houston County Sherriff’s Office had all of the resources they needed to successfully remove the animals from the property. No animal in the United States deserves such inhumane treatment, and ADR is proud to support national rescue efforts that save animals, regardless of their location – our efforts see no boundaries.”

At least two dogs died as a result of the desperate conditions on this property prior to ARC’s arrival. The dogs, ranging from several 8-pound Chihuahuas to a 60-pound St. Bernard mix, had lived with irregular access to food and algae-infested tubs of green water for an undetermined amount of time. One dog gave birth just days before ARC’s arrival and several other dogs are pregnant.

“The thought of puppies being born into those dismal circumstances was more than enough of a reason to swiftly act in removing the animals. It’s heart wrenching that two dogs’ lives were lost before the rescue efforts were initiated, but comforting knowing that 80 others were saved in the nick of time and will be nourished, cleaned and cared for before adopted out to deserving and loving families,” said Benjamin.

The animals’ previous owner moved off the property after being evicted a month ago. Lori Bowlin, President of East Texas Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, removed approximately 20 equines from the property and had been leading the care of the dogs per a request from the sheriff’s office when she notified ARC of the dire situation.

“The dogs are in really bad shape,” said ARC Texas State Liaison Monica Ailey. “They are emaciated, dehydrated and anemic. They are covered in the worst flea infestation I have ever seen and many of them have mange.”

As part of an agreement for ARC’s involvement, the previous owner has been served a mandate by Houston County prohibiting her from owning more than three animals for the next two years, and the animals must be spayed or neutered. No animal cruelty charges have been filed.

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