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American Dog Rescue Helps Save Pregnant Dog From Euthanasia In Northern California

ARCATA, CA (March 4, 2011) – Executive and philanthropist Arthur Benjamin and his non-profit organization, American Dog Rescue (ADR), recently saved a pregnant dog from euthanasia in Northern California, thus saving the lives of her eight newborn puppies.

Dixie was hit by a car, and found on the side of the highway by a neighbor of her owner. After realizing that the neighbor’s home was vacant, the Good Samaritan brought the dog to a local emergency veterinarian, where Dixie remained for a month with a fractured pelvis and dislocated hip. Dixie’s owner called a couple of times to see how she was doing, but refused to pick her up or pay the vet bills.

As a result, Dixie was transferred to a local animal shelter. She was fearful of the shelter environment and of some of the staff, resulting in her being put on the euthanasia list. It was then that the shelter realized she was extremely pregnant, and staffer Stacie Shelter sent out a plea asking someone to save Dixie.

“I refused to let her get put to sleep because she was so far along in her pregnancy,” says Shelter. “I sent out a plea asking someone to save her and Arthur of American Dog Rescue stepped up, paying for X-rays of her pelvis so that we could see if she would have problems during birth.”

A week later, as Shelter was leaving for the night, she noticed that Dixie was in labor. She stayed at the shelter to make sure Dixie did not have any complications. The dog was able to give birth to two puppies naturally, but the second was born breached due to size and unfortunately died. Shelter then took Dixie to the emergency vet and again, with the help of additional funding by Benjamin and ADR, Dixie was able to get the c-section she needed in order to maintain her health and give birth to the remaining seven puppies.

“The bill neared $800 and because of Arthur’s generosity, he saved Dixie and her eight little puppies,” says Shelter. “We are so thankful for people like Arthur and organizations like American Dog Rescue for truly caring for the welfare of all creatures and taking action in situations like these.”

Dixie and her puppies (six females, two males; born January 1, 2011) are happy and healthy, and are currently seeking adoption through the Companion Animal Foundation in Arcata, CA.  For more information, please contact Tamara at 707-633-6340 or

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