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We’re Helping Phoenix and Bitsy – Can You?

Our friends at Collin County Humane Society have sent out an urgent plea, requesting any help they can find for two sweet Chihuahuas with serious medical conditions.

Phoenix has had it tough right from the start, having recently been rescued from a hoarding situation in which she lived with 19 other Chihuahuas in a small apartment. Thus far, her elongated esophagus, seizures and extremely low weight have been responsible for more than ,200 in vet bills. That number is expected to grow, making the need for donations urgent in order to save this loving and innocent animal.

Bitsy came to Collin County after she and her mom – along with other pups – lost their human. At only 10 days old, Bitsy probably would’ve been an easy pup to place – until a serious issue with her heart was revealed. Discovery of a heart murmur led to a diagnosis of pulmonary stenosis, a condition that requires expensive surgery. In total, Bitsy’s vet bills are expected to top ,600.

The challenge of raising enough money to save these two precious dogs is great. But if we work together, it can be done. As a matter of fact, if about 2/3 of American Dog Rescue Foundation’s Facebook fans were to give a dollar each, we’d already be there.

Can you help us save Phoenix and Bitsy?

Click here if you can donate even just one dollar.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

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