Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Animal Rights Advocate
Tri County Doggie Ball

Boca Raton, FL March 1, 2016— Crowd favorite and South Florida’s philanthropic service dog, “Bandit” Benjamin will appear as the Grand Marshal of this year’s Tri-County Humane’s Doggie Ball, March 10, at Boca West Country Club.

Area shelters, dog rescue advocates and animal lovers know Bandit as Arthur Benjamin’s lovable canine partner in helping bring attention to animal welfare throughout South Florida and the globe.

As his human partner, Arthur Benjamin, founder of American Dog Rescue, sees Bandit as both an inspiration and his support.

“He looks up to me in a way that I know I have to do things better and bigger,” Benjamin says about Bandit. “He makes me work harder so that other people will see me the way Bandit sees me.”

For the past several years, Bandit has been at the center of many of American Dog Rescue’s philanthropic efforts. Actually, he’s been at the center of all of them. He wore his bow tie to the American Red Cross Ball, the Tri-County Humane Doggie Ball, and the renowned Old Bags Luncheon. He’s been to Mar-a-Lago. He even launched a doggie campaign for Donald Trump’s off-to-the-races presidential run. “I Shih Tzu not.”

Bandit and Arthur hope to see you at Tri-County Animal Rescue’s 14th Annual Doggie Ball benefiting canines and felines. The rescue is celebrating 20 years of service in the South Florida area.

To learn more about the event, call 561-482-8110

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