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Fred the Pug Mix Gets Pain-Relieving Eye Surgery

The painful years of neglect he endured were written all over Fred’s face – or more specifically, in his diseased and now useless eyes. This sweet Pug/Chihuahua mix, like all neglected dogs, never chose this fate. His condition – called KCS, or dry eye – required a vigilant owner, but it would have been highly treatable with twice daily eye drops.

Instead, the owners left him untreated and primarily outside until he was confiscated at 12 years old. Though Fred’s eyes could not possibly be restored to working condition after years of deterioration, they could be removed to relieve a great deal of the pain he was in every day.

American Dog Rescue Foundation stepped up and donated to this sweet and innocent animal to take part in funding what was not only an expensive surgery, but also extensive and much-needed followup care.

Fred can now live out the rest of his days pain-free with other special needs Pugs at the so-called “Rusty Pug Retirement Ranch.”

Thank you for your support of American Dog Rescue Foundation, which makes great stories like this one possible.

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